Shennuo biological will participate in the 2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhi
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In the middle of December 2018, under the leadership of sichuan business development association, chengdu shengnuo biological was invited to attend the 2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhibition, and at the exhibition, the company's business profile and main products such as peptides and other drugs were displayed in detail for 3 days.

More than 1,100 companies from more than 100 countries and regions including China, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Singapore participated in the exhibition, including nearly 380 companies from India.

Figure 1: shennuo biological will participate in the 2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhibition CPhI India

It is learned that since the first CPhI India was held in 2005, with the booming development of the Indian pharmaceutical market, CPhI India has attracted extensive attention from manufacturers and traders of API from all over the world, especially from China. The exhibition focuses on the latest products and technologies in the fields of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, service outsourcing and biomedicine, and is committed to helping the industry to find high-quality and low-cost product solutions. After more than 10 years of growth and success in mumbai, CPHI has become the largest pharmaceutical exhibition in South Asia.

Figure 2: the grand occasion of CPhI India, the international exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials in India

As a domestic first-class professional polypeptide pharmaceutical enterprise, sanofi has been cooperating closely with foreign pharmaceutical polypeptides in the same industry. It not only has a cooperative relationship with Indian peptide manufacturing enterprises, but also USES its own technology to train and guide the employees in Indian factories. Shengnuo biological has also been in contact and communication with internationally renowned polypeptide technology research units, and has made in-depth studies on the structure and function of biotechnology drugs from multiple perspectives, laying a solid foundation for further application in the actual accumulation of scientific data.

The company has also participated in the national 11th five-year plan major new drug innovation project "research on key technologies of peptide chemical modification and industrialization scale preparation", and undertaken the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation fund free funding project "new anti-heart failure drug nasilitide", which has entered the clinical research stage.

This exhibition of CPhI India is not only conducive to the exploration and extension of upstream and downstream industrial chain, but also to a clearer understanding of the development trend of the industry. It can also lay the foundation for more international cooperation and play a positive and far-reaching role in shaping the image of first-class international enterprises.